Marshall County Memorial Library

Library Director Description

The Marshall County Memorial Library

A Member of the Buffalo River Regional Library – A Service Agency of the Tennessee State Library and Archives

 JOB TITLE:                     LIBRARY DIRECTOR

Reports to:                                    Marshall County Library Board of Trustees


Qualifications:                             Masters Degree in Library Science (MLS)

Duties and Responsibilities: Oversees the general operation of the Library System by being responsible for the following.


a.     Director has the authority to hire, discipline and terminate employees.  Hiring and terminating employees is done with consultation with the Board’s Personnel Committee.

b.   Responsible for scheduling hours worked, vacation, and sick leave for employee.

c.  Leaves the front desk to the library employee and volunteers. The only time the Director should be working the front desk is when an employee is out sick, on vacation or when otherwise short-handed, or when a reference question requires the Director’s assistance.

d. Cross-trains employees in all appropriate duties, or appoints an employee deemed qualified.

        e.     Stays appropriately dressed, as for a business office, at all times while in the library or representing the library.

f.     Does any and all jobs, or oversees their accomplishment, in order that the library runs smoothly, ensures personnel are performing their jobs, all jobs are being completed.

g.     Distributes the meeting notice, agenda, and approved minutes of previous meeting prior to each board meeting.

h.     Maintains daily stats and other information required by Blue Grass Regional Library for reporting to the State of Tennessee.


  1. Balances employee cash boxes to ensure balance.  Deposits revenue every three days at the Trustees Office.  Reports status of the budget and balance of the general fund to the board at each board meeting.
  2. Enters revenues into an automated accounting system for tracking which area is taking money in.  For example, amount received in fines, faxes, etc.
  3. Submits approved time sheets to Marshall County Government, Office of Director of Accounts & Budgets.


a.   Purchases supplies or requests supplies from the County.

b.     Keeps up with current book releases and orders books as funds allow.

c.     Prepares orders for periodicals, newspapers, videos, audios, and any other library materials.

d.     Maintains memorial books available for their purchase.  Oversees the mailing of memorial notices.  Prepares & sends bills to donors when appropriate.


a.     Serves as a representative of the library to the whole community (cities and county) through participation in varied community development activities.

b.     Announces library functions, events or activities on a bulletin board in the lobby area, on posters, in the newspaper and on the radio.

c.     Reports to the Library’s Board of Trustees as plans are implemented, in advance of the scheduled event.

d.     Attend meetings of the Marshall County Memorial Library Foundation and reports to the Library’s Board of Trustees.


a.     Works with the Marshall County Historical Society to see that the Governor’s Room is properly maintained.

b.  Sees that all microfilm machines are working properly and kept in repair.

c.     Orders books and materials as funds allow and as materials as available. Consults with the Genealogy Society about books they want or need.


  1. Attends all in-service workshops, meetings scheduled by the Regional Library.
  2. Attends professional conferences such as the Tennessee Library Association Conference.
  3. If hired without a MLS agrees to attend the Certified Public Library Manager course offered by the State of Tennessee.


a.     Oversees custodial duties.

b.     Keeps the director’s office clear of accumulated paperwork, keeps files in order.  Information regarding the business of the library should be “at the finger-tips” at all times, particularly information regarding the budget, library board, correspondence, invoices, etc.

c.     Conducts regular housekeeping, safety, and audits throughout the system.

d.     Reports needed building repairs to the Marshall County Government, Lewisburg Gas Company, etc. as appropriate.

e.  In emergency situations, the Director will report to the personnel in the Director of Accounts and Budgets the situation at hand.

This Position Description is not intended to be all-inclusive. The Library’s Board of Trustees reserves the right to revise or change position duties as the need arises and reserves the right to change position descriptions, position duties, or working schedules where appropriate and reasonable to accommodate individuals with disabilities. This Position Description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.